Three Bananas Cafe has been serving Intelligentsia Coffee in Edmonton for over five years! Widely recognized as one of the finest roasters in North America we encourage you to come and try it out. Fresh roasted beans arrive weekly and is available in our retail area!

Intelligentsia Fresh Roasted Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee’s mission is to provide our customers, staff, and community with an unparalleled and complete coffee and tea experience in an environment steeped in understanding, knowledge, skill, service and mutual respect.

Intelligentsia exists to provide both a fulfilling work environment for their employees and the highest quality products for their customers. Both goals are equally necessary to the success of their business.

Offering the highest quality product includes:

  • Training staff to be the most knowledgeable and skilled in the coffee industry
  • Creating and maintaining a satisfying work environment of continued education and constantly evolving knowledge
  • Providing each customer extraordinary service
  • Treating their vendors with respect and courtesy
  • Contributing as a valuable member of the local and world community
  • Contributing as a valuable member of the world coffee community
  • Never sacrificing quality

Wholesale Coffee Beans – Free regular latte with purchase!

  • 1lb coffee beans – $22.00
  • 5lb coffee beans – $90.00

What is Direct Trade?

Intelligentsia Coffee’s buying philosophy is not very complicated. Intelligentsia believes in coffee quality and have made a commitment to their customers to offer only truly dazzling Specialty Coffees that speak for themselves in the cup. They believe that to get such coffees they need to work closely with actual producers, not just importers or exporters, so that they can build great coffees from the very start.

Almost all coffee roasters claim that they “work with farmers” but few can back the promise. Intelligentsia travels to the coffee’s source each of the 12 months of the year. They visit farms, roll up their sleeves, and get to it. They take 24-hour redeye flights and 10-hour, high-altitude pick-up rides over serpentine roads. You pick up their coffee and they shake the hand of a farmer in Peru. Or Rwanda. Write your Essay for Cheap at EssaysWriters. Or Guatemala. And when you see the Intelligentsia Direct Trade logo on their bag, you know how much effort is invested in each bean.

In the broadest terms, these coffees should be understood as a true collaboration, with both sides investing a great deal of time, energy and ideas to produce something great. At the end of this process, the coffee farmer who grows an award-winning cup is an artisan, and should be regarded as such. Intelligentsia believes human effort is the most critical factor in quality coffee and that the growers who do the best work should get the best price and individual recognition.